We are the UK's only provider of FOAM SHOT A LOW IMPACT PAINTBALL GAME. Open to children from age 7  the lowest age in the UK!

As well as ordinary paintball for age 11 and above, we also offer a genuine paintball experience with no pain or bruising associated with your mainstream paintball site. All played in our fantastic arena as described below


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Located just off the A689 between A19 and Sedgefield TS22 5NW

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Kids Foam Shot Paintball Prices


*Full insurance for children age 7+.

*All the Foam Shot Paintballs that you will need.

*Full Face Mask, Camouflage overalls and Marker (Gun).


Minimum 4 players, maximum 20.

£15.00 per Child  per hour Age 7-11 Big kids allowed..... we know you parents want to play as well only £20 per player for age 12 and over.

Free Party tent use for 30 min after your game supervised by you !

Bring your own food and refreshment. Free electric point for your own slow cooker, kettle or microwave.

Add Exclusive to this this option...... Requires minimum 10 players.

Like the idea of having the arena all to yourself.... Or maybe you just want them to play against thier own friends.....Then simply add £50 to total cost  and book exclusive..... or book 18-24 players and get FREE Exclusive Arena Hire and  make your day extra special.


Paintball age 11+


For our AGE 11+  Mainstream Paintball players we offer the ultimate in adrenalin seeking fun. Play in our extreme arena with 57,000 sq ft of dense maze, woodland, open bunker zone and speedball arena.

At Battle Stations Paintball we have made a few changes to the standard way of playing Paintball:

1. You can book a game for 1hr, 2hr, 3hr or longer.   We allow shorter bookable games as opposed to Full day only so that Paintball becomes available to suit all budget.

2.  We use a 20012 model Semi-Automatic Marker running on 3000 psi Compressed Air Cylinder. The Marker holds 200 Paintballs in the Hopper. This marker has been selected as it offers a controlled rate of fire, delivering 1 single shot on each trigger pull, (max 3-5 per second) as opposed to some sites which use automatics which can be as many as 25 balls per second.

3. We use a Tournament Grade Paintball which is designed to break on impact with ease. Allowing the player to have a greater ratio of burst hits to bounced hits reducing wasted balls and reducing spending. By using a fragile shell Paintball this also reduces the bruising and pain, making the game more enjoyable especially for beginners.


Paintball Prices



*Full insurance for players. Minimum (age 11 +)

*Full face Mask, Camouflage overalls and Marker (Gun).

*Free replacement compressed Air.

*Minimum 6 players. Maximum Please call or email your requests.


Play by the hour allows you to budget for your game or party....

Aim Set Fire 1 Hr Game 200 Paintballs £16.00 each.

Rapid Assault Party 2-3 Hr Game 500  Paintballs £30.00 each.

Massive Attack 3-4 Hr Game 1000  Paintballs £50.00 each.



Bring your own food and refreshment. Free electric point for your own slow cooker, kettle or microwave.


The average use is 250 balls per hour with our controled games and Paintball Marker (gun)





Go Exclusive...........


Like the idea of having the arena to yourself......

Maybe your group are begginers or at the minimum age and dont want them playing against more expeiranced or older player...... Or maybe you just want them to play against thier own friends.... then simply add £50 to the total cost and book exclusive or if you book 15-20 players and get FREE Exclusive Arena Hire and make your day extra special.